Mead Museum Fundraising

Let's raise the money needed for founding the world's first Mead Museum featuring exposition on history of the oldest alcoholic beverage and the most extensive offer of meads for tasting anywhere. Help us to renew our tradition!

250,000 CZK
6 %

Let’s have a unique museum in Prague that is not found anywhere else!

We aim to broaden awareness of mead, our most traditional and oldest alcoholic beverage, which made the Czech kingdom famous more than thousand years ago. We want to promote quality and honest mead producers and to create a unique museum not found anywhere else.

Mead is the most noble alcoholic beverage. Did you know that in order to get one liter of mead, you need to amass so much honey that it takes 400 bees their whole lives to gather the nectar for it?

Mead is made not only here, but everywhere in the world, where people keep the bees. You will have a chance to taste dozens maybe hundreds of meads from Europe and world-wide. The museum exposition will feature history of mead production, recipes, and other interesting information from all around the world. You will become a mead expert in no time :-)

There will be no other place on Earth, where you could taste hundreds of mead varieties! It will be unique. And it can be in Prague!

What will the Mead Museum look like and what will it offer?

There will be two main rooms in the Mead Museum

  • shop and tasting room will offer meads from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other countries. Apart from this, there will be other goods such as different types of mead, propolis salves, mead cosmetics etc., made exclusively by regional producers, small-scale beekeepers. Also on offer will be mead on tap and mead mixed drinks
  • mead exposition and history - you will be introduced to the whole process of mead production – from beekeeping and honey collection to the production and its variations, all available on information panels.
  • tasting evenings and other events will be held on the premises

To help you imagine the Mead Museum interior, we placed the initial designs from our architects next to the campaign. We can already imagine it done!

Support us, share us, so we can have a glass of the best mead together in our place this spring.


  • November 2015 – we rented a place in the center of Prague, near Mánes. However, it needs an investment of about 250,000 CZK for necessary interior changes, and another 250,000 CZK for the furnishing and the exposition itself
  • February 2016 – we are working on interior changes required by authorities in order to be used as a museum
  • March 2016 – Mead Museum’s new logo and identity in preparation
  • April 2016 – opening of mead and honey shop in a special mode


Invite her for a drink

We will mix 2 special long drinks based on mead. Drinks with mead cannot be found in any other bar, only in ours!

Darklover mojito, grepovina, british acacia, honeydew drambuie and many more...

250 CZK

Typical tasting

Tasting of 12 mead varieties with refreshments. Mead history and production presentation. Valid for 1.

400 CZK

Homemade is the best

You will get the 3 best meads of 2015 from our small-scale producers that are not available for purchase otherwise.

700 CZK
Donate! thousand years ago

Ceramic jug with Old Bohemian style mead directly from the oak barrel. The jug (vol. approx. 1 liter) will feature a Mead Museum logo with 2016 dating.

The price includes packing and delivery. In case of personal pickup in the Mead Museum, we will include tasting of 10 meads for free.

950 CZK

I want to try it all!

A special all-night mead tasting will be prepared for you. Mead will be accompanied with (obligatory :D) refreshments to prevent you from getting wasted too soon . You can be accompanied by your significant someone, or anyone you choose.

You can have your tasting on any of the large number of dates available.

1,200 CZK

A year with mead

You will get an exclusive membership in Mead Museum club. Come to Mead Museum to taste meads anytime you feel like it. You will be also invited to private tastings of new samples. Therefore, you will be the first to taste the meads from different corners of the world, even from Australia. It is because not all meads imported to the museum will be available to buy.

1,500 CZK

Big foodie

For your support, you will get something that no-one will likely have. Limited mead editions from Slovakia that are not on sale anymore, but we archived them for you.

  1. Včelco Bohemiana cinnamon mead (year 2013)
  2. Včelovina barrique matured in Jack Daniel’s oak barrels (year 2014)
  3. Tekov mead spiced-herbal (year 2014)

Packaging, delivery, and fragility insurance included in the price. In case of personal pickup in the Mead Museum, we will include tasting of 10 meads for free.

1,900 CZK

Opening party

Exclusive VIP opening night. The christening of the premises. Archive meads, honey delicacies, deserts, cheeses, and great fun. You can meet the whole realization team. Revelation of museum’s dark secrets in the spotlight.

Professional photos of the evening. Package of favorite meads to take home.

2,500 CZK

A year with honey

Come and pick a kilogram of honey made by a different beekeeper each month. Moreover, at the end of the year before Christmas, a special honey gift package will be waiting for you, e.g. with dried fruits, and also other honey products.

3,500 CZK

Your very own tasting table

Your generous contribution will enable us to have made an oak hexagonal tasting table engraved with your name.

A typical tasting for 2 is included in the reward.

5,500 CZK

Museum is all yours

Such generosity will be rewarded on a plaque placed in the Mead Museum and you will also get a preferential treatment when it comes to the Mead Museum premises reservation for an private event.

You can invite your friends, colleagues, business partners, throw a party, or a company event. Ideal for a Christmas party or a birthday party all year long.

A typical tasting of mead with refreshments for up to 15 persons will be prepared for you as well.

10,000 CZK

General donor

Private all-night company event, exclusive tasting for 2, a year with mead for 2, and the year with honey for the whole family.

Special thank-you with your picture or a company logo right by the entrance.

50,000 CZK

Special fundraising account information

Account number: 2900960735 IBAN: CZ8220100000002900960735
Variable symbol: 101 to 112 according to the reward
Amount: according to the reward or more:-)
Notes: your name and contact

If you enter your e-mail into the dialog window, you will get updates on the campaign progress.

We believe that the amount will be raised over this year, but we did not set the campaign deadline.

Fundraising policy

Delivery: you can start collecting your rewards or your deliveries after the first part of the Mead Museum premises are open – i.e. the shop with the tasting area. This is to be expected in May 2016.

Names of the donors will be published on our website after the exposition opens. Names of donors whose contribution is 1,000 CZK or more will be part of the Museum exposition.

Action: Museum exposition preparation will start after the whole sum is raised.

Withdrawal: in case the exposition would not be created on the premises or elsewhere, the money raised will refunded to the donors within 3 months from such decision. The sums refunded will be minus the price of the rewards already collected, including delivery. The donation can be withdrawn within 30 days from its sending to our account; the sum will be returned within the following 14 days.

The fundraiser is organized by Jiří Pouček, executive director of Kontrast Projekt s.r.o., operating the portal and preparing the Mead Museum premises at Na Zderaze 14, Prague 2; for more information call: +420 776 814 841.

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