Ivana Bakrlikova


Family meadery from Moravská Třebová in the Czech republic. Producing 8 different types of mead from only their own honey.

Ivana Bakrlíková
Czech republic
Třebařov u Moravské Třebové

The story

Hřebečská Mead is very sweet mead with intensive addition of spices a nd herbs. They collect herbs on the meadows of the surrounding hills.

Mead offer

Ivana Bakrlíková: Hrebecska medovina - bylinna horka (herbal bitter)

Hrebecska medovina - bylinna horka (herbal bitter)

Flavour: herbal spiced

Unique strong herbal taste. Very good also for mead drinks.

Ivana Bakrlíková: Hrebecska medovina - archive (5 years)

Hrebecska medovina - archive (5 years)

Flavour: herbal spiced

Archive mead with spices and herbs matured in oak barrel.

Commercial producer

  • Muzeum medoviny - prodejna Na Zderaze 14, Praha 2

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