Collection "The best of Czech & Slovak mead" (+ 3 gifts)

Mead museum


We selected 10 the most interesting and tasty honey wines from our countries on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the independent state of Czechoslovakia in 1918.

classical mead
6.80 kg
10 bottles of mead and honey cider, honey beer and honey lemonade bonus gift


Special set contains of these bottles:
  • Traditional Mead from Nová Říše - flower honey
  • Acacia Honey Mead from Pleva
  • Summer Mead from Sunflower honey from APIFarm
  • Old Slovac Mead from Forest honey from Apimed
  • Knight's Mead from Lužná
  • Old Bohemian Mead - aged in oak barrel from Sláma
  • Cyser from Medové víno - apple mead
  • Monique or Clara from Vorlíček - cherry mead or red wine mead
  • Včelovina Special - The Best Mead of World 2013 - aged in oak
  • Old Bohemian Mead - archive - from oak barrels - 5 year old
As free bonus we send these honey products for tasting
  • Prager Honey Cider
  • Ogar Honey beer
  • Mellos honey lemonade
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