Čebelarstvo Oder


Family beekeeping located near Maribor with a tradition of 3 generations. Wide production of mead and sparkling mead long-time aged.

Franc Oder
Zgornja Polskava


The story

Beekeeping Oder has been focusing exclusively on the production of classic and sparkling mead.
They began to produce the mead in the 1990s, but only commercially after 2000. In 2005, they began to experiment with the production of sparkling mead - the classical method of secondary fermentation in the bottle.
Making sparkling mead is a longtime process that requires 5-10 years.
Franc Oder has the widest range of "mead champagne" in Slovenia and you can choose from 4 types:
  • Carnica - Dry from honey
  • Nectar - semi-sweet of blossom honey
  • Mana - semi-sweet of honey
  • Anna - the sweetest of mixed honey
All are based on very long aged meads.

Mead offer

Franc Oder: Medica sladka (cvetlična)

Medica sladka (cvetlična)

Slovenian mead fermented from flower honey, sweet, cold-produced.

Franc Oder: Medica sladka (kostanjeva)

Medica sladka (kostanjeva)

Sweet Slovenian mead fermented from chestnut honey by cold process.

Franc Oder: Peneča medica Carnica

Peneča medica Carnica

Slovenian dry sparkling mead produced by secondary fermentation in a bottle of long-aged mead from flower honey

Franc Oder: Peneča medica Nektar

Peneča medica Nektar

Semi-sweet slovenian sparkling mead made by secondary fermentation in a bottle from long-aged mead, fermented from flower honey.

Franc Oder: Peneča medica Mana

Peneča medica Mana

Semi-sweet sparkling mead from Slovenia produced by secondary fermentation in a bottled made from honeydew honey mead.

Franc Oder: Peneča medica Ana

Peneča medica Ana

Sweet sparkling Slovenian mead produced by secondary fermentation in a bottle of long-aged mead fermented from multiflower honey

Mead production

Commercial producer

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