Meads and other bee products

Our shop specilizes on meads, however these are complemented with a complex honey product offering. You can buy honey for general consumption, favourite meads for even the most demanding consumers or gifts for your family and friends or for special occasions or company events. 

  • over 70 types of traditional meads from approx. 30 mead producers from Czech republic and Slovakia.
  • 10-20 different honeys from regional bee keepers - flower honey, forest honey, single-flower-type honeys (acacia, linden, ...)
  • other bee products - pollen, propolis tincture, honey cosmetics
  • gift selection - gift packaging of meads and honey products, exclusive limitted editions, gift vouchers for the shop (for amount of you choice), gift vouchers for tasting events

Guided tasting every day

Every day you can come for short guided tastings, when we introduce 5 or 10 standard types of meads. The program lasts for about 20 minutes and includes opportunity for you to ask any question you wanted to know about mead. Following the tasting set, there is an opportunity for you to stay longer to try some additional samples from our extensive offering.

Variant Samples Tasting Price Price
Basic 5 basic tasting of different kinds including archival 150 CZK € 6
Complete 10 complete tasting of 10 difefrent meads including archival 250 CZK € 10
Archival 2+3 2 classical meads & 3 archival 195 CZK € 8
Varietal 5 classical flower and 4 varietal honey meads 170 CZK € 7
Special 5+1 special tasting of all honey beverages (mead, honeyliqueuer/honey destilate and honey limonade/cider or berr as bonus) 250 CZK € 10

Reservation of tasting

Mead tasting - daily

Every day you can taste over 20 types of meads - see current mead tasting list

Sample Volume standard mead single-flower mead archive mead barrique mead
small 0,4 dl 30 CZK 40 CZK 50 CZK 70 CZK
large 1 dl 55 CZK 70 CZK 90 CZK 120 CZK
carafe 2,5 dl 95 CZK 125 CZK - -

Mead coctails

Every day in summertime we prepare our special mead coctails, especially our original mead mojito.

Volume Price 
L - 3dl 90,- CZK / €3,50
XL - 5dl 130,- CZK / €5

Mead on tap - daily

Tap mead can be tasted or we can bottle it for you into 1l, 1.5l or 2l  PET bottles. Tap mead selection changes in time - we can tell you our daily offer over phone. 

Mead type Price / litr  
standard 190,- CZK / €7,50
single-flower honey 220,- CZK / €8,50

No additional fee is charged for the PET bottle.

Shop address

Na Zderaze 14, Prague 2

Opening times

Monday closed
Tuesday-Friday 12 AM - 8 PM
Saturday 2 PM - 8 PM
Sunday closed
Pre-booked events up to 10 PM
Weekends participation at farmers' markets and other events - see section events


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