Tasting prices

Choose from individual or guided tastings or other special offer

Individual Tasting

Come and choose up to 30 different mead from our daily offer . Or we will recommend you the best mead for you.

    Standard Singlehoney Archive Barrique
Tasting sample 0.04 l 25 CZK 35 CZK 45 CZK 70 CZK
Standard sample 0.1 l 45 CZK 60 CZK 70 CZK 110 CZK

Individual short tastings every day

Tasting Set Samples Duration Price
Short tasting
Basic mead types overview
5 samples 10-15 min. 100,- CZK / pers.
Long tasting
Increased number of different mead types
10 samples 20 min. 180,- CZK / pers.

Pricing Offer of Guided Tastings for groups

Tasting Option Samples Duration Price Min. Guests
Basic mead types overview
6 samples 60 min. 340,- CZK / pers. 8
Increased number of different mead types
10 samples 90 min. 440,- CZK / pers. 8
Samples including archive and limited editions
12 samples 120 min. 540,- CZK / pers. 10

All prices are for tasting lead in English.

Additional Charges

Item Price
Refreshments – bread, cheeses 90,- CZK / pers.
Refreshments - sweet (4 types) 160,- CZK / pers.

Mixed Drinks

We are proud to offer our original alcoholic mixed drinks based on mead.

Drink Price
Temný rytíř 0,33 (Mead mojito) 90,- CZK
Temný rytíř XL (Mead mojito) 130,- CZK

* combination with another type of alcoholic beverage (gin, vodka, whiskey)

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