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Řízená degustace medovin 25.08.2016 19:00
Řízená degustace medovin

Řízená degustace medovin 01.09.2016 19:00
Řízená degustace medovin

Medová mojitová párty III 02.09.2016 17:00
Medová mojitová párty III

Náplavka na vlnách medoviny II 03.09.2016 08:00
Náplavka na vlnách medoviny II

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The mission of our Mead Museum is to increase knowledge of traditional and natural production of mead.


There is still something new, but we do not write about it..

Mead museum

Specialized shop with traditional mead and honey
Na Zderaze street No. 14, Prague 2

You can taste more than 20 different kinds of mead or try a honey cosmetic from small producers. We offer evening tastings for groups or companies!

Opening times

monday-sunday 12PM - 8PM
for reservations till 10PM


775 633 077

Mr. Jiří Pouček project founder
+420 776 814 841


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Our temporary museum’s exhibition is not extensive, but will provide you with useful information about the oldest alcoholic beverage, its history and production. As well as information panels, you can have a look at the widest range of meads from dozens of producers mostly from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Why Czech and Slovak Mead?

Mead production in our country was known in 6th century AD already, therefore this tradition is minimum 1500 years old. By 11th century, Czech kingdom was one of the major exporters of mead, until Charles IV., and his son – Václav IV., started promoting its competitor – wine made of grapes in 14th century.

So, as you see, tradition of high quality alcohol production in this region is not tied to beer only. Come and see for yourself!


And this is the best part! Museums are usually about looking but in our Mead Museum you can also taste this delicious drink! Choose from 20 types of mead every day. The meads presentedcome mostly from smaller regional craft producers. Our daily offer is being continuously updated. None of them is fortified, you will not find any sugar or aroma added. We always serve our mead chilled, for this is the traditional serving.